Monday, July 9, 2012

Things Don't Always Work Out

Things don't always work out.

That may sound like an obvious statement, but it is so devastating when you experience it firsthand.

Something you were counting on. Something important. Like a HOUSE.

So, the house we were planning on buying and renovating is no longer an option. We received an apologetic call from our realtor saying that the listing agent had accepted a cash offer, despite having already "sold" the house to us. Not only were we used as the backup plan for this listing agent, we were also betrayed by his schemes.

It is hard to see why God would "do this to us," although I am reminded that he does everything for a reason that we may never know the answer to. I am just praying that he has a house more suitable to our needs set aside for us. Possibly he was preventing us from living in a crime-riddled area of Wichita, or maybe he needs us to live near neighbors who need to hear the gospel.

Whatever it is, glory be to God!

So here we are, scratching our heads in confusion with our hearts aching in frustration, and yet we know we are called to make this move. We walked back to Square 1, holding our heads up high, as we search for the RIGHT house, this time, not just a house.

Thanks for your prayers, or thanks for just letting me vent a little bit :)

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