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June 12, 2011

My name is Kayla Brown and I am married to Nick, the man of dreams.

We just had our first child, Rylan Bentley Brown. Though he's just shy of two weeks old as I'm writing this, I can definitely say I've never experienced love like this before. Wow! Being a mom is challenging but amazing!

Little Rylan, just 5 days old, braving the cold February weather to get Mommy some great pictures! Thanks for being a trooper, Little Man!

We have two dogs, Shiloh (I know, such an original name for a loyal beagle) and Bambino (below--an adorable yet stubborn pom-a-poo mix).
I must confess though-- Bambino held a much higher priority in my daily schedule before the baby was born! Now he has to find ways to entertain himself while I am busy :)

My little Bambino is a little wet!
Though I grew up in Littleton, Colorado, we live in Clay Center, Kansas, so I need to occupy the time that I used to spend shopping with blogging and crafting.

a heart divided

Hobbies of mine right now include PINTEREST, running (that activity hasn't taken place in a while but I WILL get around to it....tomorrow...), reading and eating. Can I get a shout out?

I hope you enjoy what you see!

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