Monday, January 16, 2012

Maternity Pictures

Though he dreads pictures, I dragged Nick out of our home on a brisk January afternoon, along with my "tripod," AKA my laundry stool and self-timing camera. The photos needed a lot of editing (let's be real- it's no secret that my camera stinks!) but they were fun to take. Don't tell anyone, but I even think Nick had a little fun too!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nick Let me Have a Purple Room!

Well, even though it's only the laundry room, this is a big deal! I figured he wouldn't be going in that room much anyways... My room, my color!

Below you can see a little of my laundry room decour! The first picture is super simple-- writing on scrapbook paper and framing it. I have to remind myself while I am folding laundry (the most monotonous of tasks) that this is how I show him I love him :) Being in a purple room does make it better though!!!
SO TRUE- DIY wall art :)

 Due to being pregnant, folding laundry has become difficult-- back pain!!! Sooooo I bought this cheap pink plastic stool, covered it with MIRACULOUS MOD PODGE and 1/4 yard of fabric and used the leftovers for a matching canvas! Yay pain relief!

DIY refurbishing using mod podge!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love this Blog!

Check out this new blog I stumbled upon (thanks, of course, to Pinterest!)

Endless ideas, great photography, awesome blogging skills!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Not Too Late for Some Winter Decour!

While it may be too late for some winter decour....

If you've still got your tree up, you're in good company!
 Others may still apply to the season!!! With a bit of help from my trusty hot glue, some extra glass bottles and cheap yarn.....

I created this! I originally saw a row of yarn-colored bottles on Pinterest, so I decided to neutralize the colors a bit, cut out letters to express the JOY of the season, and added some spirally twigs left over from my wedding. 

 Then, with the leftover yarn, three styrofoam balls, black wire and two small buttons, I indulged in my fanatical love of snowmen! I still think he needs a scarf though-- doesn't he just look chilly??? Maybe next winter I'll add one. Now, I'm ready to move on to spring decour!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little One's Room: How to Make a Baby's Room Cute

How to Make a Baby's Room Cute

This is the cluttered version of the baby's room. The goal: ORGANIZE and SIMPLIFY!
Here are the steps:
1. Make the space. Even though they are so so tiny, babies require so so much room due to the overflow of toys and gadgets, so making sure that you have enough room for these things is necessary. In a small room like the one we have set aside for the baby/office/crafts/scrapbooking/Nick's reptiles (yes--he has turtles and a gecko), we had to be organized via tubs, crates, cardboard boxes.

my "organized clutter"

Cover the shelving with fabric like a curtain using Velcro (just a tip from a no-sew kinda gal like me!!) to hide the clutter. If clutter drives you insane, you're in good company! Even if you choose the cheapest white muslin, you can take fabric paint or felt flowers to the corners and add some personalized details! I have no picture for this because I am ashamed to say I haven't done it yet-- if you came to my house you'd see the CLUTTER!

2. Find out the gender. I know that not everyone agrees with me on this topic, so I definitely recommend you to do what YOU need to do, but for me to feel sane, I HAD to know that March 7, 2011 would bring a little boy into this world, not sugar and spice and everything nice.This way I was able to adjust my plans for the room and be fully prepared! (not that that can ever really happen...)

 3. Generous family/friends/support system who is willing to donate new and used supplies to your cause is a MUST. After spending Thanksgiving with my wonderful family, we left with quite the overflow of baby supplies, but they are all so necessary! Thank you Oranges and Browns!!!

Dear Mom, Thanks for bringing my close friends and family together to celebrate!

Playing the diaper game at my shower-- my dear friend Jamie was mortified!

This is me at about 25 weeks (just under 5 months-ish) -- Spending time with the family for a Happy Thanksgiving!

 4. Infuse YOUR style. Yes, this may be kind of difficult when it is easier to just buy, but I guarantee you will appreciate your room more if you took the time to make half the decorations in there as opposed to relying on Carter's. Your own unique style will satisfy you more than someone else's, so get creative!

The binding gave us grief but we pressed on! Literally!
I had hardly used a sewing machine before, but my great mother-in-law took the time to show me, and we ended up making the baby's bedding (excluding a fitted sheet!!! Those seem too difficult!) in one day-- we created bumper pads, a dust ruffle, quilt, and matching curtains. If I can do it, so CAN YOU!!!

The finished product!

Another way to infuse your own style into the baby's bedroom is to refurbish some old dressers according to your style. Not to mention this is a cheap way to stay organized!!! Below I simply bought some Hobby Lobby fabric that I thought was sort of gender-neutral (girly but boy colors I guess) but still matched the bedroom (in case these dressers end up elsewhere in the future) and used mod podge to cover the deteriorating wood! I am proud of our minimal financial strain on this project: refurbishing the "set" of two dressers that are now sitting in Baby Boy Brown's room cost us less than $10.00!

The bigger dresser we found our garage, left to the spiders by the previous homeowner, and I'd like to think it's now a masterpiece! The smaller dresser is a nightstand we found in the neighbor's trash. I am very proud of the transformation!!!


5. Do something extra special. For me, this meant hanging a canvas that I painted of the Colorado mountains on the west wall, over the baby's crib. There's no real significance to this other than that I grew up in Colorado, and am, of course, still dearly attached to it, so I decided this must be where the painting should go! For others this might mean a picture of mom and dad above the crib, a picture of extended family, etc. When you're pregnant you're emotional and sentimental anyways, so indulge that!!!

6. Don't sweat the small stuff. Realize that the day the baby arrives is NOT the end of your chances to prepare for his or her life-- you're going to have a little bit of time to adjust to this new life before they advance to the next stage of theirs-- so enjoy it. Love your babies because babies don't keep :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a Way to Ring in the New Year

This is my awesome grandma Orange who was able to make it to my wedding despite having a heart attack the week before! What a trooper!!!!
Everyone claims that their grandmother is the best. But mine really is! I grew up having her as the most incredible godly role model as she always showed me exactly how to act like a Proverbs 31 woman with a little sass. Love it! Recently she's had quite a few heartbreaking health problems and it looks as though Miss Independent will never be able to take care of herself again (She's in her mid-90s so I'm not sure why it surprises me so much!). This is such a tragedy to me because her spark is fading, her charisma is dwindling, and yet I am encouraged because I know that she loves the Lord more than ever.

While going through my grandmother's house in Colorado during Christmas break I found a crumpled yellowed piece of paper that read this:

"Day by Day

O dear Lord, three things I pray:
To see thee more clearly,
To love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly
Day by day."

I'm not sure if she actually wrote it or if she was just journaling a sng that had meant something to her that day, but whatever it is, I want it.

I want that to be my New Year's Resolution each and every day. No matter what the circumstance or what excuse I can come up with, this needs to be my resolve!