Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a Way to Ring in the New Year

This is my awesome grandma Orange who was able to make it to my wedding despite having a heart attack the week before! What a trooper!!!!
Everyone claims that their grandmother is the best. But mine really is! I grew up having her as the most incredible godly role model as she always showed me exactly how to act like a Proverbs 31 woman with a little sass. Love it! Recently she's had quite a few heartbreaking health problems and it looks as though Miss Independent will never be able to take care of herself again (She's in her mid-90s so I'm not sure why it surprises me so much!). This is such a tragedy to me because her spark is fading, her charisma is dwindling, and yet I am encouraged because I know that she loves the Lord more than ever.

While going through my grandmother's house in Colorado during Christmas break I found a crumpled yellowed piece of paper that read this:

"Day by Day

O dear Lord, three things I pray:
To see thee more clearly,
To love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly
Day by day."

I'm not sure if she actually wrote it or if she was just journaling a sng that had meant something to her that day, but whatever it is, I want it.

I want that to be my New Year's Resolution each and every day. No matter what the circumstance or what excuse I can come up with, this needs to be my resolve!

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