Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nick Let me Have a Purple Room!

Well, even though it's only the laundry room, this is a big deal! I figured he wouldn't be going in that room much anyways... My room, my color!

Below you can see a little of my laundry room decour! The first picture is super simple-- writing on scrapbook paper and framing it. I have to remind myself while I am folding laundry (the most monotonous of tasks) that this is how I show him I love him :) Being in a purple room does make it better though!!!
SO TRUE- DIY wall art :)

 Due to being pregnant, folding laundry has become difficult-- back pain!!! Sooooo I bought this cheap pink plastic stool, covered it with MIRACULOUS MOD PODGE and 1/4 yard of fabric and used the leftovers for a matching canvas! Yay pain relief!

DIY refurbishing using mod podge!

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