Saturday, July 21, 2012


This first photo is of the guest bathroom. We were too poor to replace the tub itself, but I scrubbed it raw! We first completed the tile the same as the kitchen's (since they are connected) and, in the process, purchased a new "throne." That was my idea. Sitting on like a seventy-two year old toilet did not sound like my idea of a good time. Both Nick and I utilized this shower instead of the master shower while it was being fixed up (this lasted for approximately the first 7 months we lived here. Oh, the curse of unfinished projects!) The walls were already textured (THANK HEAVEN!) but we added the bright yellow paint! The finishing touch: tileboard in the shower.
This is the second bathroom we revamped, the master bath. As you can see, the previous owners had wonderful taste AND skill. We tore it up. To say the least. First, we painted the walls Cigar Bar (a lovely orangey red brown), chosen to compliment a gorgeous shower curtain we got as a wedding gift from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We then tiled the bathroom, and put in a new throne, like we did to the first bathroom. Like the guest bath, we used a tileboard to complete the shower area.
Oh ya! I forget! In both bathrooms, we replaced faucets and the tub/shower hardware. This is what took us the LONGEST because we kept running into problems with the plumbing. But my dear husband kept with it, and now we are good to go!
Since we already moved, I don't have photos of our the guest bath, but just know it was bright and yellow! Not a crazy yellow, just a cute yellow.
Here are the photos of our master bath, all finished and ready to go:

nosy little puppy!

This was the last post in my home remodel series. Get ready for a new adventure!

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