Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things I am Going to Miss about Clay Center

As we are moving soon, I must say the nostalgia is kicking in pretty intensely. I see the clocktower in the courtyard and start to tear up! I am excited about the move, but there is so much unknown that I feel more connected to what's comfortable.

So here is a compilation of things (in no particular order) I am going to miss about Clay Center when we leave this summer...
1. Lightning bugs. I had never seen one before! Doesn't every little girl dream of capturing them in Mason jars and letting their glow warm her heart? I know I do, even though I'm not so young anymore. It's just so romantic.
2. The Rex. Another romantic thing about this small town! Who couldn't pass up $5 weekend movies in a gigantic gloomy former theatre? It's gorgeous! The seats are red velvet and the walls are adroned with the original twirly columns. It's truly a treat.
3. Hunting season. I once drove a few blocks behind a truck with approximately 8 deer legs sticking straight up in the air from the bed of the truck, bouncing over speedbumps and swaying in the wind. Ew.
Yes, I took a photo.
4.  The Power Punch Card! I will advertise for this cause without shame-- I love the Power Punch ( I sound like a testimonial!) But there are lots of good deals for food and other such commodities found in Clay Center and we have taken advantage of it, as we are scavengers for good deals!
5.  Our house. Yes, we have updated each room to our exact liking and I am slightly afraid that I have been spoiled-- will our next house be personalized for me? I guess we'll have to change that :)
6. Cardinals. Once, long ago, I desecrated the crimson beauty of one of the first cardinals I had laid eyes on by hitting it with my car. Whoops.
7. The detour to Ray's. Ok, that one I'm not so serious about. Heaven forbid the hurry up construction so it doesn't take me fifty hours to get groceries.
8. The football stadium. I love the KState-looking architecture of the Bengals/Tigers Stadium! And they even allowed me to bring in my little Bambino, who enjoyed the attention from all the middle school girls saying, "Awhhhhhhh!"
8.  The zoo. For such a small zoo in a relatively small town, this zoo is impressive! There are a veriety of monkeys, birds, squirrels, bunnies, deer, wolves, foxes, emus (scary!), a black bear and even a jaguar!
9. Clay Center Covenant Church. What a phenomenal place to plug in. I am sorry we couldn't stay around longer to enjoy it more! The pastor is encouraging, the people are wonderful, and the lessons are honest and Christ- and Bible-centered. Once again, I am truly sorry to be leaving this body of Christ-- God bless our future search as we relocate!
10. The people. The people of Clay Center have made an awesome effort to accept us into their community. Women with older children have really reached out to me, encouraging me and teaching me. What a blessing these people have been! I would not trade having lived here for anything!

Sorry to get all mushy gushy on ya, but it just sometimes happens :)

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