Monday, June 18, 2012


Soooooo these pictures below show the bland dining room that rested in the center of our home when we moved in; one wall leads to the outside via sliding glass door, while the opposite wall used to be an awkward closet. We are still not sure of the purpose of the location of this closet.

First, we made this closet into the entrance to the room behind it, which is our bedroom. Like I said before, I am not sure why it was a closet in the first place. Then, we tore up that nasty church-basement carpet. Unfortunately, this was the last room finished even though it probably required the least amount of hands-on work.

One day I got motivated and painted the walls a complementary blue and tan pallet, and then it just took one more weekend to refinish the original hardwood flooring. We used a dark stain and I love it!  Though we had to hand-sand everything becuase the wood was so old we were afraid it would fall apart if we used anything more intense, we think it turned out great! See below:

Fuzzy picture, but I hope you can see the difference!
 Nick also wanted me to point out the chandelier-- excellent deal from Menard's!

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