Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I decided to start with the living room becuase it was one of the first rooms to be finished in the whole house. It actually even became sort of a refuge for me when all the other rooms seemed to be marked with chaos and clutter. The picture below was taken from the entrance to the home. I must admit, when I walked in and saw that arched doorway, I was immediately sold. I loved it! Since this home used to be a duplex, this first room is extremely large, which we thought was awkward.

See where there is that part of wall that hangs down? Basically the most drastic thing that we did to this room was to reinstate that wall, creating another bedroom.
LOOPY (after hours of work!)


 You can't tell from this picture, but the carpet was pretty shady, so we replaced it. The color scheme for this living room was a basic tan and deep red. Here is the finished product, standing from the same place as the picture above:
Nick also tiled the entryway in a rectangle shape just to avoid the brand new carpet getting dirty and gross because of constant coming and going. We later added crown molding to the ceiling. On the right is a picture of my bookshelf. I decided I didn't like how tacky it was looking so I made a simple curtain with coordinating fabric and a curtain rod.

Then, of course I had to add a picture of m adorable boy resting on the matching pillow I made. What a sweetie-poo!

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