Friday, April 20, 2012

CUTE DIY Burp Cloths

Thanks to Pinterest and a day well-spent with my dear sister-in-law Jill and her trusty sewing machine, I now have CUTE burp cloths to use. Because using the un-cute ones just wasn't good enough for me. Oh no.

To cute-ify my burp cloths, I bought the Gerber birdseye cloths diapers and several swatches of fabric from Wal-Mart. Note that my fabric is not the appropriate gender-- it is feminine. Just because I have a boy doesn't mean that everything I own has to be blue and red.So I branched out.

After pre-washing everything, all we did was cut the fabric the appropriate size to cover the rectangular middle section of these burp cloths that bows out. Jill sewed while I picked out my bells and whistles (i.e. additional decorations, such as ribbons and buttons.)

So easy!

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