Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Babies=Expensive, God=Good

This is just an amazing testament to God's power. He is able to work through anything and for the good of those who trust him! While I can't say I'm a pro at trust, I can say that I have had to do so more in my lifetime just recently than ever before.

A pregnancy one month after marriage?
God can handle it.
Sickness day in and day out?
Like I said, God is good.
I might not have dealt so well with this aspect of pregnancy, but God never abandoned me through that!
Being induced early because of a baby-threatening condition?
God was, and IS, in control. I have a happy, healthy baby, thanks to the Lord of the Universe!

I was reminded of this power once again as I realized He is always taking care of us. It's Spring break, and we are visiting my family in Colorado (March 16-23). A few nights ago my mom pulled out this statement from our insurance company:

I know it's hard to read, but essentially the statement liberates Nick and I from paying our entire hospital bill (because we already met the deductible- trust me, we had our fair share of charges!!) through some simple numbers.

Total Charge: $17,247.46 (don't forget those 46 pennies, they are crucial!)

Out-of-Pocket Responsibility: $.00

How amazing is that???
Thank you, Lord!

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