Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Winter Wreath

The finished product!
Admittedly, I stole this idea from a great pin on Pinterest, where all good ideas begin!

To make the holiday wreath, simply wrap a styrofoam wreath in yarn color of your choice. Glue the back periodically to make sure it stays well.

Then wrap several stryofoam balls (you know, the kind we all used for the solar system experiments when we were in grade school) of various sizes in a variety of colors of yarn. I used neutral colors because I have big plan for a very colorful spring wreath, coming soon! But you could use a variety of purples, read, navy blues, ooooh the possibilities!

Use hot glue to attach the balls to the wreath. You can place them all around the wreath, or bundle them in one corner like I did.

I then added embellishments, like the acorns I found in my yard and the shiny snowflake ornament-- it was irresistible to ad some bling! To hang I simply used a ribbon and hot glue.


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