Saturday, September 22, 2012


Though it has not happened the way we thought it would, we are have arrived!

We THOUGHT we would be a buying a home to settle down in for a little while...
We THOUGHT we would be here about 2 months ago...
We THOUGHT we would be flipping, painting, deciding and decorating...

But it's time to move past all that and look at the future. We are moving in today to a decently spacious aparement in a conenient location in Wichita, and we are very excited about it! In the past, Nick and I have thought that renting is equivalent to "throwing money down the toilet," but we are in fact ready to just settle, even if that means renting.

Once we calculated the money that Nick was spending in gas every month to commute an hour (by the way, these prices are simply horrendous!), we realized that was about even with the cost of rent. Isn't that ridiculous? This way Nick will be able to see his little boy more frequently :)

All to say, we are very excited/ready! My next post will be pictures of the whole moving affair-- before, during, and after.

Watch out, Wichita, the Browns are here!

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  1. Hello, just visited your blog via Pinterest. You started following one of my pin boards and I noticed in your description you're in Kansas.
    My husband & I actually just relocated from the Wichita area to KC in May. We lived in Wichita for about 3 1/2 years so feel free to message me if you need info or advice on anything in that area! Hope you guys are settling in well to your new home!