Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Mommmmmmmmm!

Phew! The secret is out! I had to wait until my Mom's birthday to make this post because the it contains a tutorial (kind of) of her gift! I made her living room pillows to match her living room rug!Here's the rug and room I attempted to match:

So, I copied this tutorial almost exactly: DIY DISH
Fabric Measurements for 16" pillow are as follows:
Front- 1 6x17" strip, 1 2x17" strip, and 1 9x17" strip.
Back- 17x17" square of coordinating fabric. 
This is a photo of the strips sewn together and the pillow sides turned inside out, ready to be sewn.

For the flowers, I utilized felt and simply followed the tutorial on the DIY DISH, using different colors, of course.

The result:
Unstuffed pillows!
 Hope she likes them!

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